With a heartbreaking message, Paulina Rubio reacts to her mother’s cancer Susana Dosamantes

United States.- The actress Susana Dosamantes remains hospitalized in Mount Sinai Medical Centerin Miami, fighting aggressive pancreatic cancer, for which she is undergoing medical treatment, and Paulina Rubio, along with her brother Enrique, have been very attentive to her.

The mother of Paulina and Enrique Rubio, 74, has been hospitalized for several days, which has her family, friends and fans dismayed. And she was her daughter, Pauline Rubiowho did not hesitate to express the love he has for him with an emotional post on his official Instagram account.

“The golden girl” shared three images with her mother and in the description of the gallery she wrote a heartbreaking message:

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“Mommy, strong woman, that’s how you’ve shown me since I was born. Always warm, full of character and with an imposing personality. Nothing ever stops you. Together we will get ahead, my faith in your speedy recovery is unbreakable, “the singer began.

Paulina Rubio shared a photo of her childhood with the actress. Photo: Instagram.

After it was revealed that Susana Dosamantes faces aggressive pancreatic cancer, “La Pau” publicly expressed the admiration she has for him, as well as the hope she feels that her mother will be able to get ahead of the diagnosis.

“You are in very good hands, I know that the doctors who treat you do so with their hearts. Susana I don’t need to tell you because you already know I LOVE YOU and we will continue smiling and walking together hand in hand “, continued the singer.

The photo that Paulina placed intimate photos with her mother drew attention, such as one in which Susana takes her in her arms, and the newborn interpreter of “I am not that woman” is seen.

The emotional message that accompanied the images closed it by giving thanks to those who have prayed for the actress:

Susana Dosamantes faces pancreatic cancer, and her children are watching her. Photo: Special.

“I know that the light and prayers of all of us who love you are with you. Bobe your grandchildren love you. All together from your beautiful mommy hand, ”she concluded.

For its part, Henry Rubio was in charge of announcing that his Susana Dosamantes is still hospitalized in the Miami, Floridaplace in which the family trusts for the care of his mother.

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