With emotional messages, Mariana Levy’s children congratulate her on what would have been her 56th birthday

With emotional messages, Mariana Levy’s children congratulate her on what would have been her 56th birthday. 17 years ago news shook the entertainment world, confirming the death from Mexican actress Mariana Levydriver’s daughter Talina Fernández, who remembers her with nostalgia since that April 29, 2005, when he lost his daughter.

This April 23, her children remembered their mother and they sent him congratulations to heaven because what would have been his 56th birthday. From his Instagram account, the eldest daughter of the actress, Mariashared a beautiful post that undoubtedly captured the hearts of the public.

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In just six seconds, he shares with us a couple of endearing moments next to his mother, who was always affectionate with her little offspring. After showing some memories of her from her childhood, the young woman wrote: “Happy birthday mom”. In response, her brother, Emilio replied “I love you, little sister.”

So far, the publication has exceeded 76,000 likes and users responded that it will always remain in their hearts or that they remember her as the protagonist of the Dreaming Rogue. Without a doubt, the messages are to fondly remember Mariana.

Later, his son José Emilio also shared a public message on memory from his mother through instagram stories, where in addition to sharing some images where he appears in Mariana’s arms, he wrote: “Happy birthday, boss. I miss you so, so, so. Big hug as far as you are… I love you always”.

Without a doubt, María, José Emilio and Paula remember their mother with much love, who was always affectionate and tender with them. In addition, they maintain an extremely close relationship with their grandmother, Talina Fernández.

It was an April 29, 2005, when Mariana was going to celebrate Children’s Day with her family, but when they were in their vehicle heading to an amusement park, her partner José stopped at a traffic light; Mariana perceived that a car was following them and she saw an armed individual approaching them.

Her husband managed to close the windows, but the little ones got upset and Mariana got so upset that she passed out due to cardiac arrest. This fact also changed the life of her mother, Talina Fernández, who always remembers with nostalgia Mariana, who at that time had turned 39 years old.