With gravy boat The Tribe of Abrante | shows

The debut of La Tribu de Abrante on National Zalsa Day, on June 12 at the Hiram Bithorn stadium, takes place within the framework of a musical evolution of the group, which will be evident not only on stage, but also on their second record production .

“The Tribe has matured too much, it has evolved. Apart from the show that we give, what we are doing in the studio is something else. That is why we have been somewhat silent, because we are working on some things. We don’t want it to be more of the same,” said the group’s vocalist, Hiram Abrante, about the group that had its first appearance in 2014.

The new album still does not have a release date, however, in June it will release a single with which it will give a taste of what will be its second production, in which “they will listen to all kinds of music”.

“We are going to stay in the tropical line, but we are not going to limit ourselves only to what is the bomb”, anticipated the singer.

Likewise, he confirmed that more urban collaborations appear, after those carried out with Guaynaa, Rafa Pabón and Darell.

sauce with fusion

On the other hand, Abrante promotes the song Bonita, which he recorded with producer Jay Lugo.

“It is a salsa with a fusion of modern sounds and at the same time bomba and plena, which is presumed to be widely accepted by the youth who enjoy Caribbean music,” Hiram estimated.

The theme will be part of an album that Lugo is preparing, in which he brings artists from various genres to the salsa field.

“I found it super interesting because I had never made a sauce before and the way it was brought to the table and how it was worked was interesting. Go into that world of salsa, which I love, but it’s not my forte, “she told THE SPOKESPERSON.

La Tribu will present the theme and its complete show on the National Zalsa Day, which it considers a dream come true.

“It is a dream for us. First because it is the first group (to do it). There have been many plenary sessions that have been and the bomb has been present on National Day, but there had never been an opportunity for a bomb group to give it space. Knowing that it is a sacred day for salsa, that they give us the opportunity to bring the bomb to that stage, for us it is a total joy. We are preparing a show where they are going to see Abrante doing different things on stage, ”she advanced.

For now, he does not see himself recording a complete salsa album with the Tribu, but he does include songs on the album on the agenda.

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