With Midri, Grupo Opsa bets on its audiences

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.-“The better a brand knows its users, the more assertive it will be with the content it offers them”, introduced Santiago Arieu, an expert in advertising and digital marketing, during the launch of MIDRI, the new commitment of OPSA Group.

The participation of the Argentine guest took place within the framework of a master conference that addressed the role of the media in the world of digital advertising. And it is that this technological tool that the company presents specializes in segmenting audiences based on efficiencies.

“Users are looking for brands with a purpose, and that is what you have to offer them. Those that have it grow up to 70% more than those that don’t. And the latter fade over time”, added Arieu, who also emphasized the importance of understanding that the digital user always leaves a mark and that the media must learn to identify it.

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“The media experienced a historic peak with the pandemic. People searched for them all the time to obtain information, to know if a piece of news was true or false, because yes, we are one click away from falling into fake news. This is where it is evident, once again, that being aware of the impact that this item generates in the masses is key”, he said.

The specialist concluded by emphasizing that clients should bet on working with companies that apply dig data in their operations, especially for a matter of assertiveness. “What we digital users experience is often siege, persecution by brands. So what we have to do is not chase them with advertising that doesn’t interest them.”

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Isabel Sabillón, Director of Marketing and Sales of Grupo OPSA, highlighted the fact that innovation is a flag that makes the brand spearhead at the level of competitiveness: “Today is a great day for us, because this platform that we have launched is unique in its style here in Honduras. We are achieving the ability to segment audiences, our eight million users, from Hondurans who know our media and are familiar with us.”

Likewise, he recognized that through this new technology the group gains a competitive advantage over other platforms that can do exactly the same, but that are not Honduran. “I dare to think that with MIDRI we will change the course of digital advertising in our country”, he mentioned.

For his part, Leonardo Borjas, head of Digital Marketing of the group, and Sebastián Canahuati, manager of Digital Subscriptions, also took the stage to explain that through this recent acquisition the company will mark a new horizon in terms of return on digital investment.

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“With the changes that Google presents and with everything that has happened in recent times, MIDRI places us in the first place to be able to give advertisers a more robust and more specific tool, which allows them to experience a greater return on their investment. . It means an evolution in terms of digital advertising”, explained Borjas.

Canahuati went on to explain that it also represents an increase in effectiveness and efficiency not only for advertising clients, but also for users. “We want them to see promotions and content relevant to their lives, that serve them in their day-to-day lives. If we are happy to say that we are innovators in this industry, we have to recognize that this is the next step in the transformation of traditional media”, he stressed.

“We have the reach that no other group in Honduras and perhaps in Central America has achieved. Our brands cover every aspect of life; from food, fashion, news, sports, etc. There is endless content that allows us to extract data to improve the experience for everyone, ”he added.

Finally, Isaac Castillo, head of the Go Digital Agency, spoke: “We want to use all this data to make smarter, much more empathetic and human campaigns, and thus send the right message to the right audience.”

“We, as responsible for being pioneers in the development of digital media throughout the region, are committed to offering you the best tools, with cutting-edge technology, to be able to support any initiative or objective that you have as advertisers,” he invited.

Once the interventions were finished, those attending the event participated in a round of questions and answers.

The massive launch took place yesterday, Thursday, May 19, at the Clarion Hotel in Tegucigalpa.

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