With sparkle in her eyes, this was Silvia Pinal’s return to the theater after controversy: “My heart is filled with joy”

The emblematic actress received a long standing ovation at the New Silvia Pinal Theater (Video: @vickylopeztv)

After last Wednesday, May 11 Silvia Pinal did not appear on stage at the press function of the musical Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your granny!project that marks his controversial return to theatrical stagesOpinions skyrocketed.

And it is that at the end of the performance of the children’s musical where the first actress Norma Lazareno had to go out to cover the role of “granny” in the absence of the diva of the Mexican gold cinema, the press captured Pinal being transferred to her truckimage that was disseminated in different media and where the 91-year-old actress could be seen noticeably depressed in her countenance.

After not appearing in the long-awaited function because the doctors they considered that the lady should rest and stabilize after variations in her blood pressurethe question of how much longer Silvia would be indisposed had remained in the air.

After a 40-minute delay, Carlos Ignacio came out last Wednesday the 11th to notify that Pinal would not give the show (Photo: Infobae/Eduardo Altamirano)
After a 40-minute delay, Carlos Ignacio came out last Wednesday the 11th to notify that Pinal would not give the show (Photo: Infobae/Eduardo Altamirano)

However, as the producer of the staging had anticipated Ivan Cochegruson the afternoon of this Sunday, May 15, the first actress appeared before his audience at the function at 1:00 p.m. of the musical presented in the New Silvia Pinal Theaterlocated on Versalles street, in the Juárez neighborhood of Mexico City.

Surrounded by an ensemble of dancers, the actress from classic films like Viridiana Y the exterminating angel, appeared on stage looking cheerful and blowing kisses to the audience from the adapted chair with wheels so that the actress can be moved around the stage without getting up.

Making a failed, but understandable playback, also theatrical producer and matriarch of the famous Pinal dynasty, was carried on stage by her dancers and other actors from the Sunday staging to a standing ovation from the public. At the end of the play, in which Carlos Ignacio, Iván Cochegrus, Sergio Zaldívar, Mary Paz Banquells, María Rebeca, Yolis Anaya, Rebeca Algarín, Christian Salazar and Josué Gandarillas also participate, the director addressed a few words:

The New Silvia Pinal Theater has paraphernalia and plaques of the diva's works (Photo: Lalo Cano)
The New Silvia Pinal Theater has paraphernalia and plaques of the diva’s works (Photo: Lalo Cano)

I want to thank her children, Luis Enrique, Sylvita, Alejandra, who give her mother this opportunity to be on stagebut above all to you lady who trusted me, who trusted in this product, and who is thanking your public for so many things, and look, they are here, thank God, many people, and they are We thank you from the bottom of our hearts”, said Cochegrús, who also plays the role of “The Raccoon”.

For her part, the first actress responded visibly excited:

“Thank you friends, my heart is filled with joy, I want to say again (Iván Cochegrus) that he is a great colleague, that you have filled me with joy, with happiness, with very beautiful memories, thank you very much, happy new year, happy day, happy of everything”

This reappearance of the emblematic actress occurs after the declarations of Sylvia Pasquel, who defended the fact that her mother wants to be active working and not “kept”, as some critics have recommended:

Sylvia Pasquel defended her mother’s right to work and “live” (Video: Telemundo)

“They never speak well of my family, nothing suits them, nobody comes to see my mother, who talks to her on the phone, who comes to see her, who asks her out, none of those who are speaking ill of her and about the decision that my mother should do the play, they are here, “save it”, well, it wasn’t even a piece of furniture. My mother has the right to live and be happy, I am not going to keep her in a bed in a room until she dies watching TV sitting on a reposet, ”Pasquel said through tears in a recent meeting with the press.


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