“With the father of my children, we love each other but we separate”

Interview.- The dancer and actress, who made a name for herself with Tickles, alone-on-stage on the sexual violence suffered in her childhood, adapted to the cinema and multi-awarded, publishes her first novel about transgenerational trauma. The opportunity to play the game of our “autopromo” interview.

Committed artist with multiple talents, Andréa Bescond publishes her first novel, A simple family story, on transgenerational secrets. Dancer, actress, screenwriter and director, she met notoriety with her show Tickles – for which she received a Molière as well as a César for the adaptation to the cinema – a strong and personal work in which she recounted the acts of pedophilia committed on her by a friend of her parents.

On video, Ticklesthe teaser

Is talking about me on promo a chore?
No, because I’m used to it. Whether A simple family story is a fiction, Tickles was an intimate work… It’s not a chore as long as there is a universal dimension behind it. Whether I’m talking about child crime, knowing that today there are eighteen children raped every hour, talking about me is talking about others. And that’s why I do it – to talk about those who suffer and are not heard, the abandoned victims.

Why is this novel important to me?
I’ve written fiction before – I’ve co-written screenplays with Éric Métayer – but here I was alone. I needed to invent, from a subject that touches me, the question of the transgenerational, with the idea that traumas and secrets are part of the DNA of families and are transmitted unconsciously. I would so love to push people to tell the truth, even if it hurts.

After #MeToo, we can see that this patriarchy, a certain toxic masculinity, brings bad luck to everyone

Andrea Bescond

How does this book resonate in my life?
This novel is not autobiographical, but, at one point, my father confided to me that I had a great-great-grandmother who had defended herself against my great-great-grandfather who was going hit her again – she grabbed a log and killed him. I wondered: I often thought that it was because I had been the victim of pedocrime that I wanted so much to fight, again and again. But it is possible that I also “inherited” this fighting spirit.

Why should you read A simple family story?
Because this novel does not condemn anyone, neither men nor women. After #MeToo, we can see that this patriarchy, a certain toxic masculinity, brings bad luck to everyone. It’s a feminist book, but I think it will reach a lot of men.

I’m not misandre, I just want us to change the prism. I want prevention, support, justice

Andrea Bescond

The question I dread?
None. But I’m tired of hearing again and again people say to me: “Andréa, you have courage.” I’m not doing this to be told that, and I want to tell them that you have to seize it, this courage.

My current mental workload?
With the father of my children, we adore each other but we separate, and my concern is that everything is going well in the family and that everyone remains as loving and complicit as ever.

Any misunderstanding about me?
The misandry. I’m not misandre, I just want us to change the prism. I want prevention, support, justice.

While writing, I was…
Angry. It was just after the government betrayal around incest and pedocrime, with this famous billon law that they put in place out of sheer demagoguery.

A simple family story, by Andréa Bescond, Éditions Albin Michel, 256 p., €19.90.

Source- https://madame.lefigaro.fr/celebrites/actu-people/andrea-bescond-avec-le-pere-de-mes-enfants-on-s-adore-mais-on-se-separe-20230129