With Vivienne Westwood “the second Queen” died


Star designer Vivienne Westwood died on Thursday at the age of 81.


Laszlo SchneiderEditor People

Around the world, people from music, acting and fashion mourn Vivienne Westwood († 81). The star designer “fell asleep peacefully” yesterday, Thursday, at old age. The Briton stood for fashionable punk like no other – for the Zurich fashion expert Jeroen van Rooijen (52), Westwood even “the second queen died” this year, as he says Blick. You have never understood fashion “only as a surface and design tool for the body”. For Westwood, clothing has always been “the bearer of a message,” explains the style expert. Her fashion was a statement on social change, especially between the 1970s and 1990s.

The fashion designer, who offended her colleagues, has one thing in particular: “She asked her consumers to buy less and more consciously,” says van Rooijen. That was always daring, but also right. Above all, the Zurich native says: “What Westwood did was not just fashion, but above all activism.”