With which 3 words Meghan first contacted Harry

They also talked about the very first contact. According to this, the couple met on Instagram in 2016. Harry saw Meghan on a mutual friend’s account and asked about her. In the end, she revealed Meghan Harry’s Instagram name and finally took the first step. “Hello! Nice photos,” Meghan Harry wrote in her first message. It didn’t take long for the two to meet and fall in love.

Harry and Meghan: The story of their love

When the two first met, Prince was Harry 31 years old and had a few failed relationships and a 10-year army career. The US actress meghan Markle was 34 and had been divorced for three years.

A mutual friend arranged a meeting when meghan was in London in July 2016. The blind date became more. In the first few months, the two met secretly at home, went to the Camp to Botswana. Made in November 2017 Harry meghan proposed over fried chicken in his cottage.

British media were enthusiastic about the news: meghan had already achieved something in life and, as a feminist with Afro-American roots, was supposed to give the royals a more modern image. The public was relieved that Harrywho died when he was twelve Diana lost, seemed finally to have found happiness.