Wolverine will be in the new Marvel movie ‘Captain America 2’

After the fourth Captain America movie, ‘New World Order’, was announced, It was revealed that in this story one of the most beloved and characteristic characters of Professor Xavier’s school of mutants would appear: Wolverine..

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This is because the tape, ‘New World Order’, It will be the story that relates to the group of mutants and The Avengers, after Disney, owner of Marvel Studiosbought Fox, a company that had the rights to characters such as Magneto, Mystic, Cyclops and other members and villains of the X-Men.

According to the course of “Captain America: New World Order”, the story of this film will focus on an international conflict caused by a strange metal and just as valuable as Vibranium, the material with which Captain America’s shield is built.

This metal is already known to Marvel fans, as in fact, it is the material that covers the bones of a character named Logan, better known as Wolverine, that is, Adamantium.

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This material would be discovered in Tiamut, the island that connects with the end of ‘Eternals’, since the Eternal classified at the end of the film is on this same island.

In this tape, Adamantium is the perfect excuse for the partition and integration of Wolverine in the UCM, despite knowing that he will not be the protagonist of the story, it is speculated that it will be through a brief appearance, a reference or a post-credit scene. where the member of the X-Men will appear.

Will Hugh Jackman be Wolverine again in this film?

Although Hugh Jackman would play Wolverine again in ‘Deadpool 3’, in ‘Captain America New World Order’, the clawed mutant will be played by a different actor.

This is because it will be a different Wolverine, supporting the idea of ​​the multiverse, the theme seen in ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’ and ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’. In fact, in this last film an X-Men also appeared, Professor Xavier.