Woman denounces Don Pedro Rivera for harassment and touching

don pedro rivera He is in trouble after being denounced for harassment and inappropriate touching. Jenni Rivera’s father allegedly unjustifiably fired the woman who reported him in September 2021.

The woman who sued Don Peter Rivera says that he worked for almost twenty years in his record company Cintas Acuario where he assures that the patriarch of the famous dynasty made him touching and advances sexual.

Apparently Chiquis’s grandfather was not only sued for harassment but also for unjustified dismissal, unpaid wages and emotional stress. The singer also refuses to touch this topic, but some media in The Angels They saw him arrive at the central court to attend a preliminary hearing in the trial that had just begun.

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It should be noted that Don Pedro Rivera was willing to send a message to the woman who sued him, but time did not allow him to say much and he hurriedly went to court, wearing formal clothes appropriate for the occasion

The father of El Toro del Corrido is apparently in problemsafter these serious accusations made by a former employee of her company, who assures that she made some inappropriate touching, physical aggression and unjustifiably fired her, among other accusations that will be dealt with in court.

It is important to point out that as of May 2022, Don Pedro Rivera said that his son Juan would remain in charge of the label. Aquarius Ribbonsbecause his age and his work no longer allow him to have so many loads and although he has been a hardworking man today he only dedicates himself to pampering himself and doing what he is passionate about.

Woman denounces Don Pedro Rivera for harassment and touching. Photo: Instagram

Surely the theme of harassment claim He will continue to give more to talk about, since it is the first date he has to present his defense before the woman who makes serious, important and risqué accusations against him.

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Let us remember that never before had we seen the Mexican singer-songwriter suffer a problem of this type, but without a doubt he will get ahead with the help and support of his children who are aware of what happens to him.

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