Woman surprised Jessi Uribe in Costa Rica and stole a kiss from her on stage

A curious moment lived the Colombian singer this weekend because, during his current concert tour, he was surprised by a fanatic who did not hide her desire to kiss him. It all happened this Saturday, March 19, at the Jessi Uribe and Banda MS show at Expo San Carlos Internacional 2022, in Costa Rica.

In the middle of his presentation, the bumangués decided to take a fan on stage to interpret Leo Dan’s song ‘Pídeme la luna’. However, apparently the woman was not only going with the intention of dancing and singing.

As usual, Uribe took advantage of the moment to shake his hips and it was for this reason that the public suggested that he approach the woman. However, she did not miss the opportunity and approached the artist to the point of stealing a kisscausing the surprise of all those present.

“First time in my life that they steal a kiss from me. You said you had a husband, ”Uribe told his fan in a tone of grace.

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This, of course, caused the reaction of several of his followers who did not take long to comment on it.

“Paolita, don’t worry, we’ll take care of it here”, “I would also take advantage of any opportunity”“Opportunities are to take advantage of them said the lady”, “She knows how it is”, “Paola Jara does not like this …”, “How envious of that lady”are some of the comments that appear on the post.

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The fact was shared by the singer himself on his social networks, who took what happened with a lot of humor.

“They yelled squeeze it, I neglected it and look,” he wrote on his Instagram account, accompanying the message with a laughing emoji.

Here, the video of the moment: