“Women are only expected to be feminine”

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Singer Rosalia It has been characterized by going against established standards both in the musical field and in terms of image and public pronouncements.

Recently, the Spanish interpreter expressed her feelings against women being stereotyped. “Women are only expected to be feminine,” she told the media.

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The 28-year-old artist pointed out that society still expects women to be “feminine and that’s it. Instead, I refuse that. I am many more things and, among them, feminine, ”she emphasized.

In Rosalía’s opinion, men are allowed to be and carry out many roles within society, but women are not, limiting their rights and setting aside their capacities. “As if we could only be that,” she questioned.

New baby”

The singer visited Aztec territory in recent days to present her recent record production entitled Motomami.

There, she also spoke about how difficult its realization was for her, since she stayed away from her family for two years due to the pandemic.

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“It was not clear that I could return to my country (Spain) because, if I did return, it was not clear that I could return to the United States to continue with the project and the collaborators with whom I was working at that time were there,” he said.

“So, it was a big sacrifice. Really, I have been so far from my family, I have never been so far from the place I grew up, but I believed in the project and I followed through to the end,” she continued.

Rosalía mentioned that this sacrifice allowed her to obtain the expected results in her new musical album.

“A lot of times, the context of this industry is that it can be hostile at times; then, nor is there anything that comforts me more than constantly, to return to where I am from, to return to my people, ”he concluded.

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