World star shoots against singer Nena

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From: Malin Schneider-Pluppins

Canceled or aborted concerts due to strict corona rules? One of the greats in the music business finds this disrespectful to the fans. He still doesn’t think 2G is ok.

Dortmund – First Nena fans went away empty-handed, then those of Helge Schneider: Both musicians canceled concerts because they did not like the conditions under which the concerts had to take place due to the applicable Corona rules. As RUHR24* reported, this is an absolute absurdity for the globally successful musician Chris de Burgh (“Lady in Red”).

Chris de BurghIrish singer and composer
Date/Place of BirthOctober 15, 1948/Argentina
greatest successesLady in Red, Don’t Pay the Ferryman, Where Peaceful Waters Flow, Missing You and High on Emotion

Corona: Cancellations of concerts like those of Helge Schneider and Nena were out of the question for Chris de Burgh

In July, the organizer canceled a Nena concert in Berlin after the singer asked her fans to disregard the Corona rules. Further concerts by Nena were even canceled in advance by the organizers. Helge Schneider, on the other hand, pulled the ripcord himself and also canceled a concert.

As a reason, he later gave the event concept, which he described as “threatened and stupid” – his fans had to sit in beach chairs. It was not possible to establish contact with the audience, said Helge Schneider, who was also upset about the service staff constantly walking through the rows.

Nena and Helge Schneider patronize Corona rules: fans were disappointed by concert cancellations

In the end, however, the behavior of the entertainers led to the same thing for the fans of the two: the concert, which they were probably looking forward to, did not take place as expected. Singer Chris de Burgh has no sympathy for such airs and graces as shown by Helge Schneider and Nena. In an interview with t-online he explained why.

“There are people who have to hire a babysitter for an evening like this, buy train tickets or pay for a hotel room,” says the musician. Canceling a concert would therefore never be an option for him. He has already played 3,500 concerts worldwide – and not canceled a single one. He finds it “disrespectful” that the two German entertainers canceled their concerts.

World star shoots against singer Nena
Singer Chris de Burgh has sold over 45 million albums. © Urs Flueeler/keystone/dpa

However, he does not have a consistently bad opinion of his colleague Nena. She is a great woman. You still have to follow the rules in force. “This corona is a nasty virus, people are dying from it in a horrible way. I guess it feels like drowning,” de Burgh told me t-online.

Corona rules at concerts: discriminating against those who are not vaccinated will lead to problems

He himself was therefore also completely vaccinated – out of conviction: “Vaccinations work!”, says the singer. He experienced this himself when he was a child in Africa: “I could have contracted infections such as yellow fever, polio, tuberculosis or other diseases if I hadn’t been vaccinated.”

Nevertheless, it is also in the corona pandemic* not right to discriminate against or exclude someone. Only giving concerts for vaccinated people is not the right way. Treating vaccinated and non-vaccinated people differently “will lead to major social problems,” the singer said.

Concert canceled due to Corona rules: Helge Schneider distances himself from lateral thinkers

With a view to corona deniers and Qanon supporters, the singer adds that he can only pity supporters of conspiracy theories. “Absurd things are being spread,” says de Burgh, and yet many would take it at face value.

Nena in particular is said to sympathize with the lateral thinker scene. In contrast to the Hagen singer Helge Schneider credibly distanced himself from the lateral thinker scene shortly after the concert was abandoned*.

While Shortly after the concert disaster, Nena celebrated a party with Corona deniers and QAnon supporters*, the comedian reacted rigorously to the applause he received from the movement after his concert was abandoned: “They don’t have to bother with me.” *RUHR24 is part of the editorial network of IPPEN.MEDIA.