Writer: Heinz Strunk turns 60

The next book, “Ein Sommer in Niendorf”, will be out in a few weeks and he has a picture book from the cheese adventure country up his sleeve. It’s running at Heinz Strunk. Still, he won’t celebrate. Nor his 60th birthday. “I haven’t done that since the children’s birthday parties.” In addition, he is in the middle of a fasting phase.

He has to look good for the photo calendar

Strunk does that again and again. Also “to stay reasonably in shape at my age”. This time mainly to be physically fit for the second edition of his ironic photo calendar with him as a half-naked model. “Fantasies 40 plus, erotic through the year 2020 with Heinz Strunk” was the title of the first calendar. The successor “Maximize your Life – life-optimizing measures” will now be photographed in June.

At 60, he no longer has a problem. “When I was a child, 60-year-olds were automatically a grandpa for me. The clear step into old age.” And when this milestone birthday slowly came into his own field of vision, he initially felt a bit uneasy. “But now that it’s imminent, that has evaporated in a way that’s hard to explain.”

The fact that things are going so smoothly for Strunk, who has also become a part of the “Studio Braun” trio and as an actor (“Fraktus”), is also due to the corona pandemic. “It was a catastrophic time for me. I felt like my life was falling apart and disintegrating. The only way to be proactive about it was to work harder. And now it’s all paying off. That’s huge .” Strunk is grateful. Almost satisfied. His schedule is full. Several dozen readings, plans for a series for a streaming service, time out with his friend Rocko Schamoni on the Baltic Sea.

He doesn’t run out of ideas

Schamoni also lists Strunk as one of the people who got him where he is in the first place. “I’ve always had a few people who encouraged me or through whose connections I could go further.” In addition, he tends not to stick with cliques or gangs. “I’ve never been a clique guy.” Instead, he relies on old friends. “I have them. Few. But they are important.”

However, Strunk does not have the one and only advisor. “I like to be advised by many people. I’m the opposite of advice-resistant.” Especially when he’s trying out new things, which Strunk does from time to time. “I’m always interested in doing something that I haven’t done before. That’s my job. It’s been my job for 40 years to have ideas. And fortunately it works quite well. And that’s good for God Thanks haven’t let up yet.”