Writer Lotte Ingrisch died

The Austrian writer Lotte Ingrisch is dead. The widow Gottfried von Einem died on Sunday evening in the Donaustadt clinic shortly after her 92nd birthday and a few days after a fall, as the President of the International Gottfried von Einem and Lotte Ingrisch Society, Manfred Schmid, said APA announced. Ingrisch initially wrote entertainment novels and was successful with plays. She also wrote poetry, television and radio plays.

Ingrisch was born Charlotte Gruber on July 20, 1930 in Vienna. In the 1950s and 1960s she wrote three light novels under the pseudonym Tessa Tüvari. She achieved greater public success with her catchy plays, mostly one-act plays, including “Ladies Acquaintances” and “Vanillekipferln” performed in the Academy Theater.

In the mid-1960s she met the composer Gottfried von Einem, whom she married in 1966. The mystery opera “Jesu’s Wedding”, written together with him, caused a scandal at its premiere in the Theater an der Wien because of “blasphemous text passages”. In 1993, the border crosser founded a “School of Immortality” to take away people’s fear of death. In 2020 her last book was published with “The Quantum Goddess. Waves and Particles – A Secret”.