Xavier Deluc madly in love with Ingrid: photos of his wife that he never shows

Interviewed by Purepeople in March 2020, the actor of Research sections had revealed the secrets of his love with the woman of his life whom he met when he was 33 years old. “Lhe day I met my wife, I thought she was the woman of my life. We agreed on our life orientations, our ways of being. So love is extraordinary, but that’s not the secret“, confided the actor before adding what was according to him the secret for a couple to last. When there is one who has great difficulties, physical or personal, and the other is there to support him, it is not forgotten. One day my wife was there for me, another would have left, I think. It is not forgotten. And another day, something serious happened to my wife. I did not recognize myself to be there, to support him without failing. It united us forever.

Yet before meeting his wife, Xavier Deluc was a great seducer rather refractory to commitment. “I fluttered. I was an artichoke heart, I left women almost in spite of myself… only because I met others. I made my lovers suffer. I noticed it, but it was stronger than me. That said, I was not proud of it, I realized that it was getting me nowhere. I had a feeling of emptiness“, he had revealed.

it made us more united

Together the couple overcame many difficulties, in particular the crossing of the desert experienced by the actor a few years ago. “At one time, when the telephone no longer rang for me, we went to live in a 25 square meter apartment. Others would have cracked, not us. On the contrary, it united us more,” he told Gala.

Now in love and happy, he revealed to the Parisian in 2015 : “Apart from the series, I take care of my wife, who is an amateur photographer. I have a stepdaughter. I am the grandfather of two girls aged 13 and 16. I see them become little women, it’s touching.

Source- https://www.purepeople.com/article/xavier-deluc-fou-amoureux-d-ingrid-photos-de-sa-femme-qu-il-ne-montre-jamais_a503137/1