Xavier Dolan pays a moving tribute to Gaspard Ulliel

Xavier Dolan reacted to the disappearance of Gaspard Ulliel by publishing a moving tribute.

For a few hours, anonymous people and personalities have been reacting to the sudden disappearance of Gaspard Ulliel, who died on Wednesday following a skiing accident. Among them is the Canadian director Xavier Dolan. He had directed the actor in his film “Just the end of the world” in 2016, allowing Gaspard Ulliel to win the César for best actor the following year.

“It’s your whole being that has transformed my life”

On Instagram, Xavier Dolan shared a black and white snapshot of the actor. The photo accompanies a moving message that pays tribute to him. “It is incredible, insane, and so painful to even think of writing these words. Your discreet laughter, your watchful eye. Your scar. Your talent. Your listening. Your whispers, your kindness. All the features of your person were in fact born of a sparkling sweetness. It is your whole being that has transformed my life, a being that I loved deeply, and that I will always love. I can’t say anything else, I’m exhausted, stunned by your departure.

In 2016 during the premiere of “Just the end of the world”, Gaspard Ulliel declared to Paris Match the admiration he had for Xavier Dolan. “He is someone who directs a lot, who is very precise and above all who knows what he wants. This allows us to move forward in a very efficient way,” he said.

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According to the first elements of the investigation revealed by the Albertville prosecutor on Wednesday evening, Gaspard Ulliel was not wearing a helmet when he collided with a second skier at La Rosière, in Savoie. “It appears from the first testimonies and the observations made on the spot that the two skiers both fell to the ground. When help arrived, Mr. Ulliel was motionless, unconscious in the snow and the other skier was unharmed,” she said. The investigation will make it possible to discover in some time the exact circumstances of the drama.

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