Yahaira Plasencia: “I’m single, but I make a call and someone is always there” (VIDEO) | entertainment | celebrity | SHOWS

yahaira plasencia She is never alone and she revealed this in an interview on Radio Panamericana, in the sequence of Hot seat, where she told anecdotes about how she is intimate with a partner.

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One of the drivers asked her if she has any “entitled friends”, so the sauce boat expressed that she is single, but if she wants, she makes a call and someone appears there.

“I’m single (…) I’m super calm and super projected in my career (…) you have to know, and yes, I don’t have a fixed one, because I’m alone, but if it provokes me or I want to, I call and there they are (. ..) remember that I am the patron saint”, said the singer between laughs.


Yahaira Plasencia and her reaction when asked about the alleged romance between Jefferson Farfán and her ex-sister-in-law

After Olenka Mejía, ex-sister-in-law of yahaira plasencia, caused astonishment by admitting that she had a relationship with Jefferson Farfán, the sauce boat was approached by a team from “Amor y Fuego”.

A reporter from the show program tried to interview the interpreter of “And I said no” to find out her opinion on this alleged romance between her ex-sister-in-law and her ex-partner, however, the artist avoided responding at all times.

I have nothing to say, my love. I’m on my stuff projected”, replied the former member of Son Tentación, obviously uncomfortable.

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Let us remember that the space hosted by Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter revealed audios in which Olenka Mejia agrees to have more than a friendship with the member of the Peruvian team.

“The feeling is very beautiful, nobody is denying it. Simply that I don’t want to make myself known for being someone of his either (…) (To make official it is missing) still in a few more months, I think until July when I launch my strongest (political) campaign”, the ex-sister-in-law of the sauce boat is heard saying.