Yahaira Plasencia on the reason for her breakup with Jair Mendoza: “It’s not Sergio George, it’s my career” (VIDEO) | farandula-celebs-peru | SHOWS

the sauce boat Yahaira Plasencia assured that the famous producer Sergio George It was not the reason why she ended her relationship with Jair Mendoza.

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In an interview for ‘América Espectáculos’, the popular ‘Patrona’ confessed that she would soon meet with the Puerto Rican to discuss labor issues. “I just started with him a few days ago for Christmas. I think that this week or the next one comes and we are going to talk in person, it is the best, ”she expressed.

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Likewise, the salsa singer only had words of praise for Mendoza. “He is a spectacular person, I think he is one of the best people I have ever met, he is an incredible man. I have only words of gratitude and all the good for him, ”she expressed.

“A lot of people say: ‘You’re prioritizing Sergio.’ And no, it’s not Sergio, it’s my career, it’s my future. (…) First things first, after whatever comes, “added the sauce boat.

Yahaira Plasencia and her balance of 2022
Yahaira Plasencia and her balance of 2022

Jair Mendoza on the relationship with Yahaira Plasencia: “We have decided to put the relationship on hold”

This was announced by Jair Mendoza, in an interview on the program ‘América hoy’, where he pointed out that his priority is the peace of mind of the interpreter of ‘Coward’.

“To be very honest, now for all the things that have been happening as a result of the images that came out, we have decided to put the relationship on hold for a while,” said Jair Mendoza to the surprise of the magazine’s drivers.

“We’re not really done. We are putting priorities in life, she has her career… We still keep in touch and keep talking. I’m always looking for peace of mind for her. Unfortunately, one cannot do things so much because of what one wants but because of what one has to do. I think that she has had a lot of pressure from her producer and she has had to weigh her career, ”added the musician.