Yahir tries the pupusas again on his way through El Salvador

SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR.-Yahir reacted very excited when he returned to The Savior and try again the delicious pupusas.

“The pupusodrono never fails… Wow!!!”, he titled one of them, where he can be seen tasting some scrambled pupusas.

“Who am I to refuse?” Said the artist when they brought the typical dish to the table. And he finished off with a happy face: “They poison, they poison”, when he tried them.

In an interview with ElSalvador.com, Yahir confessed that he tried this dish for the first time 20 years ago and that he liked it so much that he ate 12 pupusas. “Now I can only eat a big one,” he mentioned.

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In a second publication, the driver summarized his stay in the Central American country, with some clips of the shopping rehearsals and the interaction with the fans who enjoyed his songs. “Beauty to be singing in El Salvador,” he said.

It should be said that the Mexican artist is on tour in Central America to promote his new musical projects.

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After passing through the neighboring country, he traveled to Guatemala where he continues to promote his new singles.