Yahir’s muscular transformation, from “nose” to driver of ‘La Academia’

Yahir Othón Parra arrived at ‘La Academia’ at the age of 23, perhaps without imagining that his life would be completely different 20 years later, as the main host of the TV Azteca reality show.

Since he entered, his voice showed that he had a unique style and even stood out for his charisma and friendliness, by including words like “morro” (typical of northern Mexico) to the knowledge of the entire country. He used to play in a bar in Hermosillo, Sonora, and also sang in a hotel in Tijuana.

He came in fifth place but in 2003 he began his successful musical career that includes almost 10 albums, including studio albums, compilations and one live album.

He won the Star Challenge and also became an actor in soap operas such as ‘Soñarás’, ‘Quiéreme idiot’ and later on television with ‘My husband has a family’ and ‘La Desalmada’.

He has also participated in musical works such as ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Today I can’t get up’. At this time, in her social networks she has boasted of his physical transformation, the product of discipline and effort in the gym.

This 2022 surprised him as the host of The Academy, but since it is his debut, social networks turned to dedicate memes to him for his evident inexperience in command of a live television program.