Yailin and Anuel get married civilly in the Dominican Republic

Yailin and Anuel They are already husband and wife. The couple married civilly in the Dominican Republic.

“I love you never Imagine this moment Or how it felt thank you For coming into my life And giving me this happiness that I am living with you I hope this lasts years and years Together and giving us all the love in the world Every day that passes And thanks for becoming your wife @anuel”, said the Dominican Yailin on your Instagram account.

“The most viral” accompanied the message with several “symbolic” photographs with her now husband signing some papers.

The witness of the union was the influencer Santiago Matías “Alofoke”, who commented on his YouTube channel that the Puerto Rican artist called him a few days ago to tell him that he intended to marry the 19-year-old girl and wanted to know what papers he needed.

He also explained that later the now spouses will celebrate the union with a ceremony.

A few days ago, “Yanuel” said in an interview on “Alofoke uncensored” about the intention to marry. “Of course, even a boy and everything”, they answered the question.

Anuel and “Yailin la Más Viral” established their residence in Miami, where they have their love nest and he “treats me like a queen”.

“It’s different, I feel that what I have with him I had never experienced or felt for another person,” added the urban interpreter.

He, equally, according to his statements to People, feels fully: “With her I don’t have to be hiding in any way or change anything.”

The 29-year-old Puerto Rican singer and his Dominican colleague discovered their love at the end of december past when they exchanged expressions of affection on social networks.

Since then, the singers can be seen wasting love in public places of Dominican Republic and United States.

“We are like two boys together,” Yailin told People, adding. “I like my relationship because we are ourselves.”