Yailin and Anuel married under separate property agreement

urban singers Yailin the most viral and Anuel AA got married under the matrimonial regime of separation of property, as evidenced this Sunday night when the Dominican made public domain the act of her marriage to the Puerto Rican.

For the lawyer César Amadeo Peralta, the separate property agreement is taken into account by the couple when both or one of the two have a fortune of “certain magnitude”.

When two people marry with separate propertyThey immediately assume before the civil judge that what is yours is yours and what is mine is mine. And everything that both acquire within the marriage: what you bought is yours and what I bought is mine. At the moment when the separation comes, there is nothing to distribute because we are married with separation of assets, only one has to demonstrate with the title of the assets, what is yours and what is mine, ”Amadeo Peralta explained to LISTÍN DIARIO.

“If you buy a refrigerator and the invoice is in your name, that is what you are going to take with you,” he added.

On June 6, during an interview on “Alofoke Sin Censura”, Yailin spoke for the first time about her wedding plans with the ragpicker: “Of course, even boy and everything”.

Four days after offering these statements, on June 10, Yailin and Anuel were married in a private civil ceremony in the National District, Dominican Republic.

“Love you. I never imagined this moment or how she felt. Thank you for coming into my life and giving me this happiness that I am living with you. I hope this lasts for years and years, together and giving each other all the love in the world with each passing day. And thank you for making me your wife @anuel ”, wrote the dembowsera on her Instagram account along with symbolic photos of that important day.

One of the union’s witnesses was the influencer and businessman Santiago Matías “Alofoke”, who commented on his YouTube channel that Anuel had called him days before to tell him that he intended to marry the young woman and wanted to know what papers he needed.

Likewise, Matías assured that later the spouses would celebrate the union with a party.