Yailin, Anuel AA’s girlfriend, released a song against Karol G

Obviously the throwing of hints between Yailin, Anuel and Karol G is something that will not happen very soon. Since the Puerto Rican maintains a relationship with the Dominican, they have become totally controversial and media characters, since each act they perform is automatically compared to their past relationship.

And it is that although, at first, the Colombian and the interpreter of ‘Dictadura’ showed to have a very good friendship after their breakup, now it seems the opposite. Well, a few months ago when Karol G appeared in Puerto Rico, Anuel surprised her by going on stage, where they ended up singing and dedicating words of thanks and love. However, months later songs have come out where they obviously throw quite a few verses at each other. On the Colombian side, the clearest has been in her song ‘Mamiii’, where even her video affirms that she is dedicated to the Puerto Rican.

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Later, Anuel went out to speak on social networks, after seeing the Colombian’s presentation at Coachella where she sang that song at the top of her lungs. “And that supposedly I am the one who is stuck in the past. We are no longer in the times before, I am not the one who dedicates songs after so long, “she published.

But now, the turn has been Yailin, who in one of her recent collaborations with Jon Z, the domain and Feloman, called ‘Want to call’, would be dedicating a piece of the song to the ex-girlfriend of her current fiancé. “I like how he pleases me, no matter the time, no matter the place, I just want him to come by. There are many people who are suffocating, I get angry with you, your ex-girlfriend has me located because I go out with you”, are the words that are part of the song.

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And it is no secret to anyone that it is a harsh hint to the Colombian, because while she sings that fragment in the video, some cartoons appear that allude to her and Anuel kissing. Above all, now that we remember that they have once again said that Karol G has taken advantage of another musical success like the most recent one called ‘Provenza’ to respond to Anuel AA. “What could be wrong? What is wrong with us? I’m outside, come out. We have pending things to review. You are a hard powder to replace”, that is the piece that could be sending the hint to the singer. However, many of her followers assure that it has nothing to do with it, since the singer in ‘Mamiii’ left with all of her, assuring that while Anuel is with Yailin he thinks of her.

“Two-legged rat, Paquita said, a creeping animal. That eats everything that crosses, devil, you are a hide. Don’t say “I love you”, better be honest. Don’t say “I love you” because that was in vain. You were crying and since I didn’t come out. You’re eating someone else, but you’re thinking of me”, this happened after Anuel confirmed his courtship and even his marriage commitment to Yailin, as it is something that Karol G often speculated with Anuel about marriage but that definitely never came to be.

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