Yailin fan sabotaged Karol G’s concert

Karol G lives a dream. Literally, the Colombian has confessed on her social networks that her last presentations and shows on her tour have been moments that she never imagined she would have in her life. Above all, what happened in one of her recent presentations in Mexico, where the interpreter of ‘200 copas’ convinced Anahí and took the stagethe former member of the iconic series Rebelde, and who played the unforgettable Mia Colucci, something that Karol achieved after the Mexican was absent from the stage for 11 years.

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And it is that, in the middle of these presentations, obviously the fans do crazy things while they wait for their favorite artist or while the doors of the place where the show will take place open to receive the thousands of followers. This has happened with a ‘tiktoker’ who steeled himself to do something totally crazy in front of the ‘Bichota’ fans.

The incident occurred during the row of one of Karol G’s last concerts, when the young man arrived with a large speaker listening to “If you are looking for me”, the last song released by Yailin “the most viral” in collaboration with her husband, Anuel AA.

“When Karol G doesn’t come to her concert, but Yailin does,” were the words written by the protagonist of the video. Identified as “Jotinese”, he begins to record the reaction of the Colombian fans and notices that many turn to see him with strange gestures.

Mainly, many women stare at him and other people start yelling at him “take him out”, “thief”, and other expressions that are captivated in the ‘tiktoker’ video, where he obviously shows that he did attract a lot of attention.

In fact, the young man who published the videos took the opportunity to do the same the next day where Karol would have his second show, that day in response he realized that some knew Yailin and Anuel’s song and in fact they sang it without any problem.

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While this was happening, the Dominican was giving the long-awaited ‘yes’ to Anuel AA during a private ceremony at her civil wedding which took place in the Dominican Republica holiday that the couple announced through their social networks with some tender photographs where they declared their love and revealed the exact moment in which they signed the documents that consecrated them as husband and wife before the law.

“I love you, I never imagined this moment, or what it would be like, thanks for coming into my life… thanks for becoming your wife,” Yailin wrote on her social networks, while Anuel shared a video at the exact moment they were declared husbands and they scream with happiness.

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