Yaire joins Natalia Jiménez’s concerts in Puerto Rico | shows

The Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, Yaire, will be in charge of opening the two performances of the Natalia Jiménez concert, part of her concert tour entitled ‘Antología 20 años’ to be held on August 20 and 21 at the Coca Cola Music Hall, as confirmed show producer César Sainz.

“I have always been a faithful admirer of Yaire’s great talent and I honestly believe that right now he is at his best. If there is someone who can complement Natalia’s great talent with an impressive ‘opening’ full of good music, it is her,” said Sainz in written statements.

He added that Yaire will bring “some of his biggest hits” and perform them with his live band.

The voice of ‘Tú mayor tentación’ stated that it is a “honor to be able to share a stage” with the former member of the band La Quinta Estación.

“I cant believe it yet! When I got the call I was shocked. Natalia is seriously one of my favorite artists, I admire her a lot and I wanted to go to the concert myself”, expressed Yaire.

At the same time, he indicated that “his music and his voice are unmatched and it is an honor for me to receive this invitation and to be able to share the stage when opening his concerts here.”

Yaire pointed out that it will bring a musical moment full of those songs that have become some of the favorites of all Puerto Ricans.

“Let’s rock out and sing every song together! I promise you that my participation will be full of passion from start to finish. They are going to see a Yaire that they have never seen before,” concluded the artist.

These two performances in Puerto Rico mark the beginning of the international tour of the singer of “El Sol No Regresa”, which also includes concerts in more than twenty cities in the United States, and several cities in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and other countries on the continent. , in addition to his native Spain.

“Natalia chose Puerto Rico to begin her tour that celebrates 20 years of her career because of the great love she has for the Island. And she wants to give back to all Puerto Ricans what this great musical journey will be throughout her extraordinary career, Sainz concluded.

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