Yaisel LM closes 2022 with the launch of “Microphone Check All Star”

Santo Domingo, DR.

Yaisel Manuel Erazo Coronado, better known as “Yaisel La Melodía”, has a lot to celebrate this 2022, since he was nominated for Revelation of the Year at the Latin Plugs, saw his first publication in Billboard magazine and closes with a flourish this return to the sun with the release of “Microphone Check All Star”.

“Microphone Check All Star” is a cut that comes from the collaboration of Yaisel LM with Flow 28, El Yala in collaboration with Bulova and Maky RD with the production of Breyco and the audiovisual by Valeyrom Films. This December 23 it entered rotation on the most important radio stations in the country and on all digital platforms.

“I am very grateful to YZ Records and 0201 Music, and the support my project is receiving from the public. We are working to continue hitting songs and creating hits as we have been doing so far, ”she expressed.

It has also been a year of a lot of work in terms of collaborations for Yasiel. He started this vintage with the hit “Alterao” together with Musicólogo; He continued with “Desmantelado” next to El Fother and enjoyed great acceptance in “A Caco Pelao 2.0” the remix where he joins voices with Químico Ultramega, El Odre and the artist who made the original version of this song El Alfa.

We must highlight that Yasiel has been positioning himself in the taste of the urban public with songs like “La 40”, “En que’ Tú’ Ta”, “Los gánster”, “Piri Para” and “EO Remix” with Bulova, thanks to the the drive of the radio broadcasters, DJs and their fans who have turned these songs into hits that are strongly felt daily in our streets and for which they have gone viral on the social media platforms Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube.