Yalitza Aparicio and her relationship with a Mexican producer

Yalitza Aparicio and her alleged relationship with a Mexican producer. Instagram Special

The performance has not only brought new job opportunities to Yalitza Aparicio, apparently in the cupid love it was applied a while ago, since it is believed that she had a relationship with an important mexican producerwe tell you the details.

Yalitza Aparicio’s love life has always been a mystery, although after her debut in Rome, she was immediately linked to a Mexican producer named Nicholas Celisit was rumored that they were more than friends because of the chemistry they projected on television.

It was during an interview at the california airportthat the actress decided to come clean and put a stop to the rumors, blaming the press for each of the couples that have invented her, since she even mentions that they have talked about children that do not exist.

“Well, that’s what the media say, that I have a husband, that I have children… I think they know more than me.” During this moment, Yalitza Aparicio also took the opportunity to talk about how focused she is on her career, something that this 2022 undoubtedly demonstrated.

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No, well I don’t have a boyfriend, I’m focused on what I’m doing right now, and I like it a lot, I think that’s what I’m going to do for the moment and if I have a boyfriend, I’ll let you know

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Who is Nicolas Cedis?

Nicolás Cedis is always accompanying Yalitza Aparicio in her best moments since her debut, since he was the producer of the movie romea young film lover who has been producing documentaries, films and short films for 11 years.

He has been characterized by supporting independent cinema and has won great awards that make him one of the best filmmakers in Mexico, he is the founder of Pepper Films. To date it remains a mystery if they were a couple or not.

The truth is that we long for the actress to meet a lover, we would love to see her waste love on social media. For now we are satisfied with sharing how the new year will pass and what projects are on the horizon.

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