Yalitza Aparicio and how chocolate is made in Oaxaca

Yalitza Aparicio shows off how traditional Oaxacan chocolate is made. Instagram Special

Through a video on her YouTube channel, Yalitza Aparicio revealed how they make traditional chocolate in her native Oaxaca, which is why she took us to Teotitlan del Valle to find out. There the actress met Aurora, the guide in this artisan process.

Woman who gave brief information about the variety of cacao we have, of which the most cultivated are three: Criollo, Forastero and Trinitario. After this they began to shell, (for this it is necessary that the cocoa extracted from the cobs is toasted).

Once Yalitza Aparicio and Aurora finished shelling the cacao, they took a handful, two pieces of cinnamon and placed them on the metate to begin grinding it. There should be no lumps of either of these two ingredients.

The first Chocolat that they ground was bitter. For the second round they added a bit of sugar to make it semi bitter, and to finish it off they added a bit of chile de árbol to make one spicy, though they ended with a surprise.

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A rich cup of chocolate accompanied by a casserole bread, delicious. Yalitza Aparicio left us delighted with this video that shows a bit of the gastronomy of Mexicoand well, the actress could not better present us with the delights of her land.

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Today I want to share a little about how chocolate is prepared in Teotitlán del Valle. Aurora taught us about this process inside her chocolate shop “El sabor ancestral de Oaxaca”. Chocolate is a very typical and traditional food in Mexico that has its origins from pre-Hispanic times. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do

Immediately, many of his followers began to fill the section with compliments, all emphasizing the importance of giving the teachings that have passed from generation to generation the recognition they deserve, a part of the wealth of our country.

And of course yes, I enjoyed them to the fullest, I was craving with such a preparation. On Yalitza Aparicio’s channel you can find videos of the gastronomy of Oaxacawhich recount their preparation and a bit of history that enriches them.

So far they are the only news that the actress has shared, although she will surely surprise us in later days. We invite you to closely follow his Youtube channelmany interesting things post here, always so talented.

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