Yalitza Aparicio is shown in a bikini and gives a message about self-love

Yalitza Aparicio is one of the actresses who uses her popularity the most to send messages about important social issues, and now she spoke about beauty stereotypes on Instagram, where she wore a bikini without filters.

The Oscar nominee acknowledged: “Every time I have these types of photos, I feel sorry to share them, for comments that arise” although he stated: “But I always talk about self-love and the truth is that I love myself just the way I am.”

Finally, the protagonist of the film Roma told her followers: “I am the younger version of the rest of my life” and so far received more than 4,800 messages from users.

“Very pretty”, “You are unique” Y “Love you” They were some of the phrases that Yalitza’s fans poured into the publication. In addition, others told him: “Thank you for these words, you are the best.”

Aparicio is recognized for using her fame to raise awareness about different issues that mainly involve women. Some of the most resonant are gender violence, precarious domestic work and its indigenous roots.

Because of the latter, she has been discriminated against many times in her life, although according to her own account, she feels “very proud” to belong to that social group.