Yalitza Aparicio’s sensual dance on TikTok that left her followers wide-eyed – New Woman

The star of the hit movie RomeYalitza Aparicio surprised her followers again by demonstrating how good he is at choreographing on TikTok.

This weekend, the actress from Oaxaca uploaded a video moving the hips to the rhythm of the musical theme “You take advantage” of the Limit groupthis a few hours after making one, very funny, wearing gray eyes, as if it were an anime, thanks to a filter.

The video already has more than 38 thousand reproductionsand has provoked comments from her followers that show how loved and appreciated the Mexican actress is.

“When your psychologist tells you to set a limit”, is heard in the already famous recording and immediately, Yalitza begins to sing and dance to the rhythm of Alicia Villarreal.

“I love your pants”, “Send us your Skincare routine, your face is unreal and beautiful”, “This type of pants looks spectacular on you”, “Arriba Oaxaca”, “Set limits to lighten life”, “Your hair is precious”, “You don’t need anything special to look good, everything looks excellent on you”, are some of the comments from his fans on TikTok.

In what he does he is successful

Since his appearance in the movie Rome (2018), by director Alfonso Cuarón, Yalitza gained international fame and was nominated for an Oscar.

In addition, it has become in one of the most followed and admired actresses for young people; so each of her actions causes a stir among her fans.

He recently participated in the Mexican series of Starz Play, “Miss 89″where they tell the story of several contestants who want to become the new Miss Mexico.

The series premiered on February 27, recounts how young women are recruited on a farm that will reveal the darkest secrets of all the participants and the contest.

For the first season, Yalitza wore a ribbon with the name of the entity that saw her born, Oaxaca, and with the aim of making an incredible promotion of the series; although some fans hope to see her in the second season of the series.