Yanet García against Martha Higareda Follow the controversy!

The famous former weather girl Yanet García has recently challenged the Mexican actress Martha Higareda and showed evidence of infidelity, something that her former partner apparently did to her and was the reason for her breakup.

Everything seems to indicate that the controversy between Yanet García and Martha Higareda continues to increase in social networks with the statements of both.

This after the Weather Girl revealed that her ex-boyfriend Lewis Howes He began dating the actress a few days after their separation.

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However, Martha Higareda herself, through an interview, denied this situation, even motivated Yanet García to return to her social networks and show evidence of the alleged infidelity which he spoke of.

That person so ‘integrity’ who was unfaithful to his ex-girlfriend of years and she exposed him on social networks because he sells an image that is not, in my next story I will put the post that his ex made “

In this way, Yanet García broke the silence and resumed part of the statements made by Martha Higareda during an interview with Yordi Rosado:

We finish on May 13, 2021… June 2021 in Tulum”

In addition, Yanet García decided to challenge Martha Higareda by saying: “Lie?”, as she explained that the actress cannot say the date her first kiss with Lewis took place.

As you may remember, all this began with the statements made by Higareda, where she assured that her current boyfriend and she started talking when he was single.

He, notice that he did not write a message to me on my Instagram, until he was single, the first thing I did was go to his Instagram to see. When someone writes to you, you see who he is, I already knew a little bit who he was, but deeper and I saw his social networks and he didn’t have any photos with any girlfriend, or anything “

In this way, the great controversy between Martha Higareda and Yanet García continues to increase, while both claim to be right.

It seems very strange to me that she tells that story, because that way I can say it with all her letters, it’s a lie”