Yanet García dazzles with her statuesque figure beyond power

The beautiful ex weather girl Yanet García managed to paralyze the networks with a torn beach dress that crowns her as the most flirtatious in the world of the internet, causing the temperature to rise to the maximum.

There is no doubt that one of the undisputed stars of the fan-only platform is Yanet García, who at 32 years of age has proven to be one of the most flirtatious Mexicans on social networks.

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It is there where he continually shares images with which he captivates his fans and shows off his attributes, as happened on this occasion.

This time, the former “Climate Girl” decided to share a series of Photographs on his Instagram account where we can see that he continues to enjoy his New Year holidays.

In this way, in the company of the sun, the sand and the sea, he finds himself resting from the hustle and bustle of work, without this implying missing out on the opportunity to take some cute photos to keep his digital platforms active.


Wearing a torn beach dress, Yanet García was crowned the most flirtatious on the coast, where she paraded like a real model, letting the breeze play with her hair, which she strategically arranged so that her photos came out as if they were prepared or orchestrated. by a professional photographer.

Yanet García is characterized for being a woman who likes to combine all her pieces of clothing, it is not surprising that on this occasion she has chosen a black beach outfit that she combined with her Brazilian bikini, which exposed her legs. curves.

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