Yanet García imposes fashion from New York with a stuffed coat

Recently, the famous ex weather girl Yanet García managed to raise the temperature and the wishes of her millions of fans on the social network of the camera where she shared a series of photos and videos.

Once again Yanet García impressed her fans by publishing a series of photographs in which we can see her posing from New York, where the star took the opportunity to show off her beauty in one of the most famous cities in the world, which is also recognized for its great designers.

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Yanet García used an outfit which helped her stand out and look like a whole New Yorker in the middle of winter, since her look is perfect for these cold ones, which intensify in the northern hemisphere, where the beautiful former “Climate Girl” is now located.

In addition, she decided to wear modern dark glasses, which gave her a flirtatious touch. outfitswhich focused on the color brown, since the rest of the clothes and accessories rotated in different variations of this color, which suits the beautiful presenter perfectly.

It should be noted that what most caught the attention of Yanet García’s look was her plush brown coat, which is very versatile and elegant, not to mention that it surely helped her not to get cold of any kind, since we can see that she looks impeccable in her photographs.

While in terms of footwear, the model decided to wear long, thin-heeled boots in a slightly more saturated tone than her jacket, which combined perfectly with her small handbag, which had a small color detail. golden.


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