Yanet García shows why she has that peach, if she exercises even at Christmas

yanet garcia It shows why he has that peach, if he exercises even at Christmas. The beautiful OnlyFans model has a great Christmas spirit because in recent days she shared images wearing an outfit like Santa Claus.

However, the young 34 years made it clear that she is always active, working or exercising because in the last few hours she published a photograph where she appears in a tight orange top and pants, while holding a garter to generate tension, ready to do exercise.

In this picture, Yanet García shows off her statuesque body highlighting her flat stomach, as well as her mini waist and the rest of her well-defined feminine attributes. For this outfit, she wore her hair loose and discreet makeup by painting her lips with a light orange tone.

The so-called “Weather Girl” He wrote in the post: “Can’t wait for 2023.” His followers immediately recognized his sculptural beauty. They even told him that if he exercised even at Christmas it was understandable why his peach was so shapely.

On some occasions, the woman from Monterrey has shared with her audience the exercises she performs to tone up and increase the rear. For this reason, he has shared videos where García is seen performing squat jumps 4 to 5 times with series of 20 jumps each.

This exercise is just the warm-up, because then he does ten repetitions of the lunge and repeats three series for each leg. The star also performs the basic and shifting side lunge; in this he recommends doing 25 repetitions with 5 series.

Another of the training that Yanet García performs is the low pulley kick, with the help of a machine that is generally found in the Gymplaces the foot inside a handle, while she faces the machine with her back straight and her pelvis tilted slightly forward, in order to lift her leg back and generate a contraction in the gluteus.

Undoubtedly, the driver has achieved her figure thanks to the large amount of time she dedicates to exercise, so now on her social networks she takes the opportunity to show off her turned body.

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