Yanet García, the weather girl in session from the bathtub

The always spectacular former weather girl, Yanet García, delighted her followers with a photo shoot from the bathtub, where the bubbles were her accomplices so as not to cross the fine line of social networks.

For many fans of Yanet Garcia This has become one of the TV star’s favorite photo shoots, as they enjoy that this beautiful woman brings out her most natural side for them.

Lewis Howes’s ex decided that the best way to pamper everyone was not worrying about the wardrobe and getting into a bathtub to enjoy a relaxing moment between water and bubbles and then capture it in front of the camera.

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In the image in question you can see Yanet García sitting in the bathtub in profile, the model covered the most essential with the position of her arm and brought one of her hands to her face, which was wearing a very natural makeup.


The also influencer showed her beautiful hair completely soaked and relaxed, making the photograph even more natural. Yanet enjoyed the bath in a cozy place and open blinds so that natural light highlighted her beauty to the fullest.

The famous shared her photo on her official Instagram account a day ago and her comment box was immediately filled with emojis, compliments and all kinds of comments praising her enormous beauty.

the followers of Yanet Garcia They did not miss the opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is and how special she is for all of them, although the weather girl’s great popularity is due to her participation on television, in the Hoy Program, the truth is that social networks have been a part key to keep it current.

After leaving Hoy, the rumors surrounded García, as many claimed that his departure was due to an alleged relationship with Raúl Araiza, who had a partner, a situation that was flatly denied.

Later, it was also said that the departure of this huge girl was due to the fact that Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta would not have liked another beautiful woman to be the focus of attention in the morning star of Televisa.

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