Yanira Berríos exposed! His ex makes compromising audios public

Yanira Berríos and the audios that she sent to her ex, Carlo, were exposed after he made them public in a “live”. The scandal is just beginning.

Yanira Berríos is a Salvadoran personality who is always on everyone’s lips thanks to her posts on social networks, but especially because of all the scandals that has starred.

The most recent one was not even started by her, but by her ex, the tiktoker Carlo, who in a live stream presented several audios where Berríos is heard very hurt after their breakup.

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“You buy the followers,” Yanira tells her ex-partner, who denies it at all times and defends herself against the comments they make during the broadcast.

Yanira Berríos and her audios were exposed.

Video of an illustrative and non-commercial nature / https://www.tiktok.com/@sayrythya/video/7182388864844123398?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=es&q=yanira%20berrios%20carlo&t=1672941014253

“Let’s see how long it lasts … you used me, you are a heartless man, you only approached me because of followers,” Berríos is heard saying, who expresses his feelings with a broken voice.

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“I promise I’ll get it out of my heart, one nail drives another nail,” says the “Beautiful Heart” through tears, who also reveals that she was very jealous of other content creators.

The reactions have not been long in coming: “How it starts talking, cow he ends up talking”, “the voice of the girl Yani sounds like it’s from a Mexican novel”, “oh the lady fell in love with him”, “the gossip got really good”, “I like that novel”, “this he got good”, “he thinks he is defending himself and so a lot of men and there are still women who agree with him”, “tremendous”.