Yannick Alléno pays poignant tribute to his deceased son

Yannick Alléno, who lost his son, Antoine Alléno, who died tragically in a car accident, paid a sober but poignant tribute to the young man, on the occasion of the end of year celebrations…

For Yannick Allenowho lost his son Antoine Alléno last May, the end-of-year holiday season, usually happy and convivial, this time has a sad taste of bitterness. The multi-starred chef therefore insisted on pay tribute to his late son, fatally hit by a driver while riding a motorcycle. Yannick Alléno posted a photo of Antoine Alléno, which he captioned with a simple but poignant sentence: “I love you my child!“. A photo that his other son, Thomas, commented: “our little angel“.

Antoine Alléno: four plaques in his name in Paris

Yannick Alleno inaugurated four commemorative plaques in memory of his son, Antoine Alleno, who died tragically at the age of 24 last May. On September 21, the multi-starred chef, his ex-wife Isabelle and his other son Thomas went to Beaupassage, gastronomic spot in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, to pay tribute to the young man violently hit by a driver. “Anthony, my son, yesterday was a day that was dedicated to you from start to finish. First with the launch of the association which is yours, because it looks like you, you who have always been generous and benevolent. Then with the ceremony of unveiling of 4 plaques in your memory on the walls of Beaupassagewhich is home to your second home: the restaurant Burger Père et fils by Alléno“said Yannick Alléno on his Instagram account.

Rachida Datimayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris, Emmanuel GregoireFirst Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of urban planning, and the “relatives and friends” of the deceased were all gathered for Antoine Alléno. “We gave you the keys to Beaupassage, which will also bear your name forever. My angel, you are here at home, forever, and I know that you will watch over us, and over these places, with the love that characterized you so“, continued Yannick Alléno.

Yannick Alléno saw his son “on the sidewalk”

Yannick Alleno saw his world rock on May 8, 2022, when he learned the terrible news of the death of his son, Antoine Alléno, a young cook with a promising future. This tragic evening, the 24-year-old young man was riding a motorcycle when he was violently hit by a driver who was fleeing after stealing a luxury vehicle. He is died instantly, leaving his parents in mourning forever. “I saw my son on the sidewalk, so it was extremely painful. You enter a period after the death of a child, a world that we do not know“, he confided to the TF1 8 p.m. news on September 20. And the one who is also the father of Thomas Alléno added: “Since Antoine’s death, I have had the opportunity to speak with forty people who since the beginning of the year have lost their child in the same conditions as mine. It’s a monumental mess“.

Yannick Alléno recounts mourning and “dehumanization”

I’m not sure I want to consider what happened on May 8 as an accident. For me it’s a crime“, confided the multi-starred chef to the Sunday newspaper, September 18. How to overcome the insurmountable? “Beyond the obvious shock of losing our son, we found ourselves faced with a dehumanization difficult to live with“, explained Yannick Alléno. The chef and his ex-wife, mother of his late son, have wished to see their son’s body the day after the accident. A chilling memory. “It’s happening at the forensic institute, a sordid building behind the Gare de Lyon. You see your kid behind glass. (…) They were able to return Antoine’s body to us in thirty-six hours. Some families have waited three weeks… It’s not possible“, he confided.

Yannick Alléno: his important mission in memory of Antoine

Yannick Alléno quickly tried to put his grief at the service of an important cause. The 53-year-old chef therefore decided to create a Association for helping relatives of victims : “We became aware of an unknown world and we wondered how to support the relatives of these young victims. (…) The association was born from this need to be united. If I don’t, who will? It would be an insult to Antoine to sit idly by“.

With the TF1 newscast, Yannick Alléno lamented: “Antoine, thanks to his name, what he represented and what I was able to do with my life as a cook, had significant media visibility. For others, it’s three lines in a log. It ends up in the bottom of a trash can. We can’t put this under the rug, it’s not possible“.

Antoine Alléno: his companion, helped by the family

The chef of the Pavillon Ledoyen on the Champs-Elysées, who decided to open the restaurant he intended to run with his son, Father and son burger, rue de Grenelle, in Paris, also wishes to help Anja, the companion of his late son, who is also going through difficult grief. “Antoine had been in love for six years with a young woman, they were a real couple. She has no legal status compared to Antoine (…) Our family is there for her, we want her to be able to finish her studies. Anja is still a student at the Beaux-Arts. If we raise funds, we would like to help other young people in this situation“.

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