Yannick Noah: chief of a village of 10,000 inhabitants in Cameroon, he tells his new life

Now head of a village in Cameroon, Yannick Noah confided in his new life this Sunday, May 8 in Seven to Eight. The former tennis player was transparent in front of the camera and was very moved.

It is with sincerity and emotion that the tennis champion and singer Yannick Noah confided as he has never done this Sunday, May 8 in the portrait of seven to eight. The beloved celebrity of the French has told what his new life as a village chief looks like.

It’s been a long time since Yannick Noah appeared on our screens, and for good reason. From now on chief of a village of about 10,000 inhabitants in Cameroonthe singer has totally changed his way of life.

“My role is to help as I can”

Intrigued by this new life, the journalist from Sept à Huit asked aloud the questions that a lot of French people are surely asking themselves quietly: what about the new Yannick Noah? What has really become? : “I take up a little space, people know me a little bit. But tradition dictates that the grandson becomes the chief of the village. So I’m the chief of the village, it’s maybe ten thousand people. For me it’s a bit strange, because I feel very French, and so when I get there, I inevitably rely on the advice of the elders.” he explained.

Joakim Noah’s father then spoke about his role as village chief but also the difficult conditions in which he now lives: “In fact my role is to help in any way I can. I get a few problems, there are complaints, there is no vital card there. Over there, it’s expensive, when you don’t have the money, you’re left to die. And so here it is, trying to help the older characters, trying to advise or help the younger ones. As long as I can, that’s kind of my role.”

Having greatly taken this last challenge to heart, the great sportsman seems calmed and fulfilled in this brand new life. His fans will however be delighted to find him on their screen tonight from 6:20 p.m. on TF1.


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