Yardigans announced the premiere of their new musical production “You are fire” | rmmn | PEOPLE

the national band Yardigans, founded in Cusco, released their most recent single “Eres Fuego”, a song that will be part of their second studio album. In addition, this single marks a new stage in the sound of the national group.

The theme was composed by its vocalist Jairo Rojas and produced by Claudio Pando (Sonora Patronal, Bareto) in the imperial city of Cusco. Synthesizers and very marked guitars explode in this new song that renews rock with a modern sound.

“Eres Fuego means a new Yardigans, a new stage for the band. It’s been 4 years without releasing new material and maturity is reflected in a new sound. It is the perfect letter of introduction that we want to give for the next album that will be released in 2022″, Jairo Rojas told through a statement.

The quartet made up of Jairo Rojas (vocals and guitar), Brandon Ayme (vocals and guitar), Diego Rojas (bass and vocals) and Machi (drums) began their career in 2016 with the premiere of their EP “Los Niños Ya No Quiero More of the same”. In 2018 they presented their first album “YRDGNS” with which they visited many cities in the country and played at different music festivals.

“Eres Fuego” shows the renewed side of the band with a more mature, sensual and daring sound exploring music with synth, dance and indierock sounds. This theme tells the story of a boy who, between love and sensuality, is marked by the beauty and attitude of a woman. With the promotion of this song, Yardigans will visit many cities in the country between Lima, Arequipa, Puno, Ica and Huancayo to present their new songs.


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