Yarita Lizeth marched in Lima against the Government of Dina Boluarte | shows

complied. She is a folk singer, she joined the demonstrations calling for the resignation of President Boluarte, along with a youth delegation in the capital.

The well-known singer Yarita Lizeth Yanarico, from Fist, marched against the Government of Dina Boluarte in the city of Lima last Tuesday. Thus, He made his rejection of the repression of the forces of order against protesters felt. As recalled, a few days ago, the interpreter of “Corta venas” announced that she would join the marches in the capital after completing her pending contracts.

Thus, Yarita Lizeth He joined the protesters against the Executive and was with a delegation of young people. In addition, she was accompanied by music promoter Jhon Leiva.

“Before being an artist, I am human, I am a person, I am a provincial girl, I am Aymara, I am from the mountains; I am from the town, I am from my land of Juliaca. Everything they have done with my people… They have sent me real audio recordings of the policemen who are unfairly mistreating my brothers (…), for that reason I am hurt, I am sad”, she pointed out a few days ago.

Currently, the folk singer is in Lima and it was learned that it will donate 1,000 lunch rations for the different delegations that are in the capital. It should be noted that the artist was very affected by the deaths of civilians in the city of Juliaca, in the Puno region, and she also donated S / 50,000 for the relatives.

“(The people who traveled to Lima) are not bad, they are not vandals, they are not terrorists. They have gone to raise their voices in protest, ”he recounted recently.