Yarita Lizeth on the video in which she ‘asks’ for Bolivia to have access to the sea: They are misrepresenting the interview | Chile | Bolivia requests sea | national strike | MDGA | shows

In recent days, the Peruvian singer, Yarita Lizeth, has received a wave of criticism for allegedly having requested in an interview that neighboring Bolivia have access to the sea through Peru. However, the singer denies and explains this situation.

The folkloric music singer from Puno, Yarita LizethThrough a video on social networks, he came out to deny and clarify the time he mentioned in an interview for the “Los Principales” program that Bolivia should have access to the sea, which is why in recent days Internet users have criticized the position that the Peruvian singer had a few years ago regarding this situation. But what is the context of this event?

“They are looking to misrepresent the interview”

Through her personal Facebook account, Yarita Lizeth, contextualized the moment in which she had an interview for the Bolivian program “Los Principales” in which she maintained that she favors the altiplano country having access to the sea:

The video of this interview was given on March 22, 2018 in the city of La Paz (as the interviewer points out). This year (2018), Chile and Bolivia were discussing in the International Court in The Hague the request that Bolivia made in 2015 for Chile to comply with giving them access to the sea. (7 months after the interview) The International Court decided not to agree with Bolivia,” he said.

For this reason, the 34-year-old singer, born in Juliaca, denied that some people have “misrepresented” their statements regarding the request she issued. bolivian to Chile in 2015, for which reason he asked that what was said at that time be “put into context”.

“Stop hurting me”

In the same way, Yarita Lizeth urged people who have been making video clippings on social networks in order to distort their position on Bolivia’s request for access to the sea to stop using these clips to harm her.