Yéferson Cossio boasted in networks the huge tattoo that was made on his back

Yéferson Cossio always attracts attention for his posts on his social networks, and this time it was for a tattoo he got on his back.

In the stories of his Instagram account, Cossio revealed the process and the final result of the work done by the tattoo artists. “How about the work of @caymstattooart and @martin_higuittaCossio published next to the video.

Prior to this publication, he also showed images during the work of the tattooists and a before, to show how the new tattoo was, which is added to the others that he has on almost his entire body.

The young paisa has managed to capture the attention of the curious with videos in which he performs challenges, bets, extravagant trips and unexpected acquisitions.

In the midst of the fame he achieved on social networks for the content on investment methods and digital growth, his followers are curious to know details of his personal life.

Recently, Yeferson Cossio and his sister, Cintia Cossio, surprised their faithful followers with an old photograph from their adolescence, where you can detail how different they looked at that time. A gossip account took advantage of and replicated this publication, allowing them to see the incredible transformation they carried out over time.

According to the post that came to light from the official accounts of the young people, more than one was left speechless after seeing the image of both brothers when they were much smaller and did not have the recognition they currently have. The fans of the paisas did not miss the opportunity to ensure that these changes were due to the money and fame they acquired through social networks.

As seen in the photo they dusted off, Yeferson, who remembered his late father, wore his hair short and did not have any tattoos, while Cintia had a cut to the neck and the tone was completely dark. In this post that went viral, it can be said that at that time they were completely natural.

Epa Colombia revealed why he sought Yeferson Cossio and denounced that they want to affect his business

The promotion of the influencer and content creator Yeferson Cossio about the keratins of Epa Colombia has been a topic that has been going on for several days, and for which there are rumors about a possible bankruptcy of the businesswoman.

Cossio appeared advertising Daneidy Barreras Rojas, better known as Epa Colombia, and the action of the Antioquian was not well seen by all. In fact, recently the ex-protagonist of the novel Yina Calderón spoke on social networks and did not agree with this so much.

As a result, the controversy over Barrera’s company began, as speculation began to sound on the internet and gossip portals about a possible bankruptcy of the hair product marketer.

“People say that I failed, that Yeferson Cossio’s publicity doesn’t work. mooo! That I’m not selling, just because I lost an Instagram account,” Epa Colombia began by telling.

After this, he clarified what happened and made the public complaint: “I did not lose it, I am going to recover it. For all those people, who paid to block it and delete it. I know that, very soon, God is going to give it to me. Because God is always supporting me, friend, ”said the keratin businesswoman.

In this way, taking into account the declarations of the young entrepreneur, the rumor of the bankruptcy of her company ends. However, her followers and netizens are now questioning who or who wants to “hurt” the influencer as well.