Yeferson Cossio had an unexpected gift with two of his followers; what did he give them

The content creator Yeferson Cossio has been quite thoughtful on his social networks in recent days, after confirming the breakup of his relationship with the also “influencer” Jenn Muriel.

In fact, he surprised several of his followers by stating that a few years ago, when he did not enjoy the recognition and fame he has today, it was when “he had everything”, because many think that having money is completely happy and not it is so

Now, he showed the dynamics that he carried out on Instagram and with which he caught two women by surprise who made him a special request.

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What Yeferson Cossio gave to two followers

According to a conversation that the man from Antioquia published in his stories, a woman wrote to him to let him know that he was going through a big mess and, not having money, he could not be distracted to forget her.

“I have a horrible tusa, the disadvantage of being poor is that you cannot afford to go anywhere to distract yourself with anything,” wrote the user named Carolina.

Cossio did not ignore the message and replied asking for the account number to send him an economic detail. Upon getting the woman’s response, the ‘influencer’ wrote to her.

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“Take 300 thousand, go with a friend, eat an ice cream and drink a bottle of tequila, I hope you feel good soon. Having tusa is horrible,” she added.

But that was not all, because she was not the only award-winning follower since she chose a random chat to send another gift. A woman wrote to him for her son’s birthday, since she had no money to celebrate it. The young man transferred 400,000 pesos and sent him a message of congratulations.

“Look, happy birthday to your child, have a good time,” reads the story.

Here, one of the stories rescued by the Rastreandofamosos account: