Yeisón Jiménez, another of those affected after the cancellation of the ‘Jamming Festival’

This Saturday, March 19, the first day of concerts of the Jamming Festival in the city of Ibagué. However, one day before this happened (March 18) the organizers of the event decided to cancel it.

“We got up with this news, until yesterday (March 17) they had not confirmed anything to us at all, the businessman has stated that he is going to release a statement because several artists canceled and that this is going to be postponed. We are only in the hotels looking at the registry because the hotel occupancy was 100%.”, said the mayor of Ibagué, Andrés Hurtado, in conversation with BluRadio.

However, in addition to the spectators, those in charge of tourism and commerce, the artists are also victims of this situation. For example, one of those affected was the popular music singer Yeison Jiménez, who was surprised by the program I know everythingleaving the El Dorado airport in Bogotá, after canceling his trip to the capital of the department of Tolima.

It should be remembered that Jiménez was one of the artists invited to participate in the Jamming Festival.

What did the company in charge of the ‘Jamming Festival’ say?

Given the criticism received, the company Buena Vibra Eventos EU, in charge of organizing the event, decided to deal with the insults, rejection and indignation of the spectators through a press release, in which the firm explained the real reason which led them to cancel this important musical show.

In the letter, the company mentioned that, as some experts and journalists had revealed, the lack of artists was one of the main reasons for saying “no” to holding the festival. Days before the event began, several musicians announced that they would not be able to participate, which considerably reduced the list of singers available for the event.

“Vicentico, Maldita Vecindad, Jah Cure, Irie Kingz, La Sonora 100 Fuegos (…) It was on March 14, 2022, that the Black Eyed Peas band announced their non-participation, citing force majeure,” said the business.

It is important to point out that, in addition to these names, other important music stars had “got off the bus” such as Ky Mani Marley, Alborosie, Etana, Michael Rose, Delinquents Habits, Green Dwarfs and Zona Ganjah.

However, the cancellation of the artists was not the only valid reason for the company, which assured that there were also some external problems, over which they had no control.

One of these problems was the alleged existence of a ‘virtual warehouse’ of Internet users who sought at all costs to discredit the proper functioning of the organization with complaints that, according to the company, had no basis.

“Some of the messages incited to attack the General Director of the festival and affect its development, of which we have the evidence, which will be delivered to the Prosecutor’s Office,” the letter adds.

What does the SIC say?

Seeing what happened, the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce (SIC) announced the opening of an investigation against Buena Vibra Eventos EU “for failure to comply with instructions by not presenting the required information since March 11 of the currents, as well as for not attending or attending the work table urgently convened by this authority for March 14, causing damage to consumers”.

Likewise, the entity stated that it is important before promoting or advertising the Jamming Festival 2023, to be able to “verify the legal consequences when announcing the cancellation of the massive event with only one day’s notice, to determine if this violates the legal assumptions of consumer protection. ”.