Yeison Jiménez had to go to the doctor in the emergency room

Last Sunday, May 15, this situation arose with Yeison Jiménez, leaving many with questions about his state of health and waiting for some news and updates.

And although the same Sunday had begun with positive publications of the artist, as the hours passed he felt bad and he was also sharing it in the stories of his instagram profile.

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Yeison Jiménez worried her followers about her state of health

In the early hours of May 15, a video of Yeison was seen in which he appears calm and observing the landscape of Medellín, with a good view of the city and without showing any health news:

“… ‘Medal’, today. He is having a day like the ones they really do in Medellín”

At night, already with the rain and darkness, he stated that he was going to go to the doctor on Monday, May 16, because he had felt bad:

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“I tell you that it has already started to rain in this Medellin and that I am a little unwell, but tomorrow I will go to the doctor. I send a hug to all, happy night.

However, before midnight, he showed a video in which he is seen being treated at a medical center; on a stretcher, with a mask to help his breathing and below is the text: “I couldn’t take it anymore.”

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Fortunately, in this last scene he was conscious and making a sign with his fingers, but what he showed did not go unnoticed and now many ask about his condition and the reason for going to the emergency doctor.