Yeison Jiménez talked about Bad Bunny and sent a message to artists of respect and love

Different artists have spoken about what happened to a fan of the Puerto Rican singer, who approached the singer looking for a photo and he threw her cell phone into the sea.

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The images of Bad Bunny, who last year established himself as the main Latin artist worldwide, were strongly criticized in networks for the attitude he had with his follower from the Dominican Republic.

As can be seen in the clip, once the woman tried to take a ‘selfie’ with the interpreter of ‘Me porto bonito’, ‘Efecto’ and ‘Titi asked me’, He reacted annoyed and snatched the phone from him to throw it into the water before the eyes of several of his fans.

Although Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio —real name of the singer— published a message in which he would have apologized on his Twitter account, hours after its publication it was deleted.

This was frowned upon by other artists of different genres, who criticized what happened and were against this type of situation. One of them was the popular music singer Yeison Jiménez, who used his Twitter account to share his thoughts on the case.

“Analyzing the whole subject, my conclusion is the following: Nothing justifies throwing away the shit… a person’s dream of sharing with their artist. You could simply say I don’t want to or I can’t, but that doesn’t work!

What happened was the perfect opportunity for Jiménez to remind his colleagues how they should treat their followers, who are the ones who position them within the respective genres.

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“It is a lack of love and respect for those who give us the success we have, whatever the level,” concluded.