Yeliz Koc: Family reunion with Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht? That’s what she says about it

Yeliz Koc (29) and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (30) have a child together. Little Snow Elanie (1) is already one year old, but when she was born her parents were no longer a couple. After the separation, a real mud fight broke out between them.

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht: Doesn’t he give Snow a chance?

Yeliz Koc did not hold back with allegations against her ex. For example, the 30-year-old should owe her money. But that’s not all. It’s about defamation and allegations that Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht neglects his child.

In July 2022, the two were even in court and Snow’s mother wished that the little one would finally get to know her father, who, according to Yeliz on Instagram, “doesn’t even give her the chance”.

Yeliz Koc: “I’m doing my best”

The 29-year-old, who also became known for her appearances on reality TV shows, shares very open insights into her private life on Instagram. So now again in a question and answer session in her story. And it doesn’t seem as if Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht now has a more intense relationship with his daughter. Because a follower wrote during the question and answer session: “I just wish for Snow that her father comes to his senses.” Snow’s mother replied: “I wish that for her too, but I do my best and everything in my power to ensure that she is always happy and content.”

It doesn’t sound like a family reunion or a happy ending between the parents of the little ones – at least not at the moment.

But now Christmas is just around the corner and Yeliz Koc will spend it with her family, as she revealed in the question and answer session: “On the 24th with mom, her partner, my grandmother and Snow. On the 25th then with my sister, the children etc.” There is no mention of Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. Which is not surprising.

No Christmas with the Ochsenknechts

In addition, Yeliz Koc also had an argument with her ex-boyfriend’s family, Mama Natascha Ochsenknecht (58) even hired a lawyer for defamation.

In the “Bad Boss Moms” podcast with her sister Filiz Koc Rose (35), Yeliz Koc said in the summer: “Your father is welcome to come to us to see Snow at Christmas, but I’m definitely not going there anymore.” She doesn’t want to “sit in a spider’s web,” said the 29-year-old.