Yeliz Koc: permanent topic in “These Ochsenknechts”

Yeliz Koc, 28, is a ubiquitous topic in the series “Die Ochsenknechts” – despite the separation. A fact she no longer silently accepts.

  • In “Die Ochsenknechts” the life of the acting family is shown in detail
  • The main topic on the show: Jimi Blue’s ex-girlfriend Yeliz Koc
  • Now Yeliz unequivocally comments on the constant conversations about her

Yeliz Koc: plain text on “These Ochsenknechts”

“These Ochsenknechts” shows how much Behind-the-scenes drama actually going on in the Ochsenknecht family. So the cameras were already recording how tax investigator looking for Jimi, the Yeliz owes 20,000 euros, returned to Cheyenne’s farm and the media separation of Jimi and Yeliz last year is often discussed. So often that Yeliz has now commented on this in her podcast “Bad Boss Moms”, because she did not want the constant discussion of the influencer.

Yeliz Koc: “The show would be boring without me”

During the filming of the show, the mud fight between Yeliz and Jimi was in full swing, but in the meantime the two had actually pulled themselves together again for the sake of their daughter. Since the first episodes of the documentary aired, however, that seems to have changed again. In the podcast, which she runs together with her sister Filiz, Yeliz gets upset:

It’s all about me.

Is that because it was Filiz who gave the Ochsenknechts the idea for the series in the first place?

Nevertheless, Yeliz has already made it clear in the past that she does not want to be part of “Die Ochsenknechts”, even if only she is spoken about.

And what happens? I’m only advertised and I’m the subject all the time – without me the show would be boring.

But in the end, a whole family stands against their will:

I stand aloneI have a whole family against me And I’m the only one fighting

And there is another point that bothers the young mother badly: the portrayal of her daughter Snow. So Jimi got one back then contract signed stating that Yeliz Snow “may not be used for advertising purposes.” However, he himself is said to have done just that, because when Yeliz was in front of the camera for “Battle of the Reality Stars” in Thailand, Jimi accompanied her to babysit Snow. Meanwhile he should Snow film for the show according to the influencer:

The contract said I wasn’t allowed to use them for advertising purposes, but he did exactly what he asked me to do. He used my daughter.

Oh dear, is that the next big fight we’re about to face?

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