Yes, vote for her! Jolette DOES SING and recent videos confirm it

One of the most famous students of ‘La Academia’ is Jolette, that young woman for whom Lola Cortés asked the public not to vote for her anymore and who almost reached the final to compete for the award with Yuridia and Erasmo Catarino.

It has been 18 years since the generation in which she participated in the reality show, but Jolette has not wanted to sing again. Perhaps she had enough with all the controversy and criticism that she received after singing several songs, for example, one by Paulina Rubio where she gasped for breath and she was drowning.

A week before the final, Jolette decided to leave the show despite public support. She returned to her native Jalisco and studied Communications. Years later, she returned to Mexico City as the presenter of Cuídate de la Cámara, with Edy Smol.

There, she impressed everyone when they convinced her to sing Cielo Rojo with a mariachi.

But a few days ago, Jolette visited the radio program La Caminera, where Tania Rincón convinced her to sing again. She did not want to sing live and she confessed that she is not planning to resume her musical facet. Let’s remember that she is currently a collaborator of the program ‘Hoy’ on Televisa.

Tania managed to convince her and sang a couple of songs, and what a surprise because she actually does have a voice, at least much more than other current participants of ‘La Academia’. Listen to her: